Self-Massage for Headache & Migraine

Self-Massage for Headache that will melt your stress away, by Health-Choices Holistic Massage Therapy School!

Self-Massage for Headache & Migraine - Pressure Points

Self-Massage for Headache that will melt your stress away, by Health-Choices Holistic Massage Therapy School!

Guided Deep Relaxation by Mark Saylors and Steve Powers

You are about to enter a deep state of peace by using the mind to consciously release tension from the body.You are suppose to close your eyes but the images may help remind you that you are a very special person now just let your light shine.

Inner Journey across the Bridge of Time - Denise Linn Part 1

Inner Journey across the Bridge of Time - Denise Linn Part 2

Inner Journey across the Bridge of Time - Denise Linn Part 3

Meditation with Colleen Baron Reid

Three Minute Meditation by Dr. Susan Taylor

A three minute meditation exercise for a quick and easy way to meditate when you feel like you don't have time. There is also a one minute version.

By Dr. Susan Taylor, founder of the Center for Meditation Science at

Waterfall Relaxation

Simple, easy and peaceful guided relaxation experience with a nice small waterfall.

Guided Relaxation

A guided relaxation you can do in your home or office.

Guided Relaxation & Self-Massage for Headache & Migraine

An Excellent Guided Relaxation Video with Tense Release Technique & Self-Massage for Headache that will melt your stress away, by Health-Choices Holistic Massage Therapy School!

Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation

Take a journey to the magical blue-green waters of the Havasupai Indian Reservation, to the healing music of Darshan Ambient. These are some of the most breathtaking wate... More»rfalls in the world! There are three different falls in this video: Havasu, Mooney, and Navajo. It's a ten mile hike through canyon valleys to get there, and it's worth every step.

8-minute guided meditation...

Tune into an infinite source of wisdom that is within yourself by listening to this 8 minute guided meditation.

Guided Meditation

Take a hot shower. Light up some aromatherapy candles. And retreat within with this guided meditation.

Deep relaxation session by Greek psychotherapist Alkistis

This is part of a professionally produced deep relaxation guided session I recorded some time ago. The full session is 30 minutes long. Here is the first 7 minutes.

Hypnotic Youth Induction NLP

Induce youthful energy through a subtle sensory landscape as you are guided by an expert in psychotronics, The science and discipline of ... all » how life functions including studies of how technology interacts with the human mind, spirit, and body; science, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics, and esoteric studies are united through the study of psychotronics. author, Randolph Fabian Directo, is your guide to the inner sanctums of your alternate realities.

Guided Meditation Exercise - Ocean Breath

Ocean Wave Meditation

Tantric Meditation

Nature Meditation

Meditation with music, nature and dancing. Music from "Wisdom from the past".

2-minute meditation to open & relax the solar-plexus Chakra...

Chakras meditation enable those who desire relaxation to achieve it by taking 2 min' of the daily routine. Just listen, breathe and relax...

Yoga relaxation pose meditation...

A yoga meditation relaxation track to enjoy ...take a break ...treat yourself to 10 minutes with your inner-self.

2-minute meditation, opening & relaxing the Heart chakra...

Natural Healing Meditation

This is a beautiful and easy 10-minute guided meditation, illustrated with beautiful pictures of nature filmed by Taho in France.

The meditation was written by Miss Kati who also did the voice over. The music was written by Taho.

The third eye chakra meditation...

HealingMindN Meditation

Fractals in nature are like the fractals in our own minds. We seek those patterns in nature that give us the most peace and serenity and inspire our minds to further enlightenment and revelations. We ... look for fractals in art galleries and museums to match the fractals in our own minds - I consider this video a work of art and science. We listen to music which matches our thought patterns (which happens to be a fourier transformation of fractals based in the golden ratio as a holographic integral of robust fractal patterns). I'm using Immrama by Stellamara in the background, a very bewitching song rich with robust and self-replicating patterns, excellent for meditation.

Angel Meditations

Introduction to Meditation (Yoga Practice)

Kavita's introduction to meditation will not only help you get started with proper posture and preparation but will also help you ... all » understand why we meditate. Kavita skillfully explains the workings of the mind and brain; "The mind is a tool, and a tool you can't turn on and off is a not a tool that works for you, it's a tool that you work for".

What is meditation - most of you have heard of it, some of you may have even tried it - but for many of us it is an alluring part of Eastern spiritual practice, though it is not solely a spiritual endeavour. The word meditation often conjures images of an Indian sage in a loincloth or a vision of the Buddha seated in serene contemplation; the image is one of stillness and composure. Yogis, Zen Masters, Taoists have all meditated for millennia. Early Christian monastic practice included the lectio divina ; this is the practice of reading the Bible very slowly and deliberately, pondering and contemplating the true meaning of the teachings of Christ. Meditation is mentioned over 20 times in the Bible.


A guided meditation with Bridget Woods Kramer, a leading Anusara yoga teacher, filmed on the clifftops of Cornwall, England.

Bridget is Anusara's UK representative and main certified Anusara teacher having studied with John Friend, the founder of the Anusara school of Yoga since 1994. Bridget travels all over Europe giving Anusara immersion workshops, Teacher training's, and in depth study courses.

Meditation Therapy

Combining the power of deep meditation practice with the insights of psychology, Meditation Therapy will help you enrich your life in lasting ways.

9-minute meditation visualizing the colors of the chakras...

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and much, much more.

How to Meditate?

There are two types of meditation - active and passive.

Active meditation relates to activities of everyday life such as walking, working, eating, etc. This in fact is the aim of Yoga, to experience a meditative state in everyday life which has the effect of increasing performance manifold as the work is done with more efficiency and energy.

To achieve active meditation, passive meditation is required which involves taking time out to be seated and perform Meditation Techniques or practices. This is called passive as it involves withdrawing ourselves in calm, sitting postures to achieve a meditative state that can help us in our active life.

The aim of all passive meditation techniques is to still the mind from wavering and distracting thoughts and gradually make it one pointed.

So to just give you a starting point the following method can be followed:

-Choose a time when you are not likely to be disturbed.

-Settle down in a place which has fresh air. If you so desire, having some incense around you will relax you. You may sit in any of the meditative poses depending on your comfort level, and to stay in that pose for a desired duration of time.

-Begin by learning to focus on something non-threatening. This will relax you, break your stress response.

-Concentrate on a subject that appeals to you- it could be a flower, a word, or the flame of a candle.

-Notice how your thoughts wander. Don't attempt to control them. Observe them with detachment.

Within a few weeks, you will notice a marked difference in your capacity to focus. This is the stepping stone to awareness.

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